Cracks?  Chips?  Bad Bottom?  We can help!

Why let that chip ruin the decor?

In under an hour we can have chips in your fiberglass or acrylic unit looking like new!

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At FiberFinish we specialize in acrylic & fiberglass repairs for bathroom units new and old.

If you have just remodeled your bathroom but perhaps dropped a hammer as you were pounding in the last nail... don't you worry! FiberFinish to the rescue!

Or perhaps you have noticed a stress crack at a shower joint that could potentially leak over time into the sub-floor of your shower or bathtub unit? We can repair this and save you cash down the road.

We can even potentially save you from having to rip out your entire bathtub or shower unit by replacing your soggy bottom with a new fiberglass panel floor! You could save hundreds with this repair by avoiding a complete replacement.

( Sorry but we do not reglaze or recolor entire units. )